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Saving Money and Time
You do not have to commute. This can save you money and time traveling back and forth to your university and you can schedule your learning according to your personal and professional circumstances.

You can learn and earn your degree at the pace you want and at your convenience. Most classes are asynchronous, which means you do not have to attend a lecture at a certain time and place. You have a chance to review your homework and assignments where and when you want.

In fact, you can live anywhere in the world while working on your education. As long as you have access to a computer and internet you are able to do your assignment and communicate with your classmates and your faculty.

Go With a Faster Pace
Whether you want to take your time to learn a subject or go at a faster pace, the online learning lets you do it at your own speed, reducing stress and increasing satisfaction.

Comfortability & Accessibility
In an online setting the physical location, type of furniture in the classroom or accessibility to the building does not matter anymore, especially with people with limited mobility. Instead, you can use your furniture at home or your office and enjoy the movement and the opportunity to successfully complete your education. Students will learn from experienced faculty who understand the concept of each discipline and bring the realities of today's business environment to the classroom. In addition, our instructors have been specially trained to facilitate a stimulating and productive online learning experience.

One of the most important factors for students to return to school is flexibility of the schedule and time of the class. Newport International University provides two different online class options of Synchronous and Asynchronous. In synchronous classes students and faculty are online at the same time, just like a regular classroom. They communicate, ask questions and even raise their hand to interact with each other in real time. On the other hand in asynchronous classes, students participate whenever possible and provide the maximum flexibility of time and schedule to our students. This means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It's simple to take online classes
All you need to attend online classes at NIU is a computer and access to the Internet. All of the software you will need is available free from our website or through web links. NIU also offers online tech support so that you don't have to end your connection if you ever need help.


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